In Kinlochleven Primary we follow Highland’s Literacy Approach. This Literacy programme is split into three stages: Emerging Literacy (Early Level), Developing Literacy (First and Second Levels) and Expanding Literacy (Third and Fourth Levels). Highland Literacy is then split into 9 components: Creating Texts; Decoding (Reading); Encoding (Spelling); Grammar and Punctuation; Oracy and Communication; Oral Language and Reading Comprehension; Reading for Enjoyment; Tools for Handwriting and Vocabulary.

‘Phonics’, the sound of the letters, is taught alongside early reading skills such as using pictorial clues. Work is carried out within the contexts of the class or group reading lessons and throughout many other curricular areas.

From First Level onwards the focus for teaching and learning moves to more complex skills of comprehension with children again using a variety of materials to consolidate and extend their skills. We use a range of novels and commercially produced resources to develop reading and comprehension skills. Talking and listening and knowledge about language skills are linked to work in reading. The development of writing and handwriting skills are directly taught as part of Highland Literacy Programme. Children are taught the skills they need in groups and targets are set and worked towards.

Children are given opportunities to develop their talking and listening skills through play and these skills are further enhanced and transferred across all other areas of the curriculum.

We are continually updating expanding our provision of library books in order to encourage an interest in reading for information and for enjoyment. A central library is located beside the high school and for a number of years and children are encouraged to work independently while learning basic reference skills.

Learning a new language encourages children and young people to broaden their horizons as they explore the language and its associated culture. In Kinlochleven Primary children will learn French and Gaelic. The study of language plays an important role in all language learning and the development of literacy skills.