How can I help my child prepare for nursery?

Explain to your child that you will be taking him/her to the ELC setting. (Some children believe it will all finish after a day or two!) If you are worried about how your child may settle, try not to let him/her sense your anxiety. Talk about the setting together and the enjoyable time he/she will have. Delay talk about leaving him/her. Be guided by staff when to leave your child. Once your child is settled, try to collect him/her in good time. A child will feel very insecure if you arrive a long time after the other parents.

What should my child wear to nursery?

Children will be encouraged to dress themselves. They should wear the school uniform or comfortable play clothes which are easily fastened and easily washed. Please avoid dressing your children in belts, football colours and flip-flops, open-toed sandals or heavy trainers. ELC polo shirts and jumpers can be ordered.

For safety reasons, we would be grateful if your child does not wear any jewellery. Studs may be worn in pierced ears. Personal toys should be left at home, as lost or damaged toys can cause great distress and staff are busy working with children so cannot spend time looking for them.

Please mark all items, including footwear, with child’s name.

Is my child provided a snack and lunch?

Yes, the children are provided with a snack in the morning and afternoon. They will also receive a hot lunch at school from the school canteen. Children can bring in their own lunch box if they prefer.