Parental engagement is paramount; we are all on the child’s learning journey together. Learning Journals is an excellent platform for capturing observations and building a journal of learning and development. The nursery staff capture the moments in nursery, add notes to the observation to build a profile for each child in nursery.

Parents can access their child’s learning journal at any time which is valuable as parents can see what their child is learning and experiencing in their day at nursery. Parents are able to see what their child’s interests are in nursery and where that reflects in their learning. Each observation is a story about a learning experience. Learning Journals also provides a platform for the child’s voice as the child is leading their learning.

We encourage parents to comment on the observations and also upload their own photos from home which provides a holistic picture of the child’s interests. Nursery staff and families can reflect on the observations and the development of the child. Learning Journals is a focal point which enables everyone to be on the same page.

Learning journals support parents to be involved in their child’s learning from the first day at nursery.